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Kung Fu Now In Southwest Detroit

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Learn Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Discipline and Relaxation Click here to book your introductory lesson for $10! Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu is a Southern Chinese Martial Art that was developed in the Shaolin Temples about 400 hundred years ago. It was passed down through a succession of masters into modern times. Recent practitioners of note include Bruce Lee and his Teacher – Grandmaster Ip Man. We   …Continue Reading

Ving Tsun Shifting Strike Video

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A Ving Tsun workshop on Michigan Ave. Last weekend Sifu Owen Matson discussed details of Shifting, Chi Sao, and the Jong with his students at our newest location on Michigan Ave in Detroit. The video below is a snippet of the shifting details he covered with the junior students. To learn more about the benefits of   …Continue Reading

Protected: Students Sharpen Their Technique At Our Chi Sao Workshop

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