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What are the benefits of our Corporate Wellness program? Unfortunately, the workplace can often be a stressful environment full of deadlines, rapidly paced projects, and department politics. These factors combined with a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for stress related illnesses. Ving Tsun as a martial art offers several valuable aspects to counter these workplace stressors:

  • The Ving Tsun fighting method responds to pressure with relaxation.
  • The centerline theory of Ving Tsun cultivates goal oriented focus while facing complex challenges.
  • Ving Tsun employs physical efficiency for fighting advantage, building an instinct for strategic efficiency in the practitioner.

It provides employees with an opportunity to relax, center themselves and pursue a rewarding, non-competitive fitness building activity with a minimal impact on their schedule.

Physical well-being, team building Unlike other martial arts Ving Tsun is not sport, and has no competition or performance. It is trained in an environment of collaborative effort focused on mutual development, excellent for team-building and member engagement regardless of previous athleticism.

What programs are available? We have a number of qualified instructors who can teach classes at your workplace. The specific program can be tailored to the needs of your company, but some ideas include:

  • Short term seminars focused on self-defense
  • A series of workshops introducing major elements of the system over a period of weeks.
  • A consistent schedule before, during or after the workday, fostering deep Ving Tsun development.

Classes can be offered on a continuing basis, for a specified number of classes, or by demand. We suggest a minimum class duration of 45 minutes.

What equipment or space is required? We require only a space large enough to accommodate the number of participants. It is suggested that participants in the program bring comfortable clothing in case of perspiration, but business attire is sufficient. No other equipment or workout gear is required at early stages. In later stages we introduce techniques that can be practiced on focus pads, or traditional wooden dummies, which we can provide.

What is Ving Tsun Kung Fu? Ving Tsun (also spelled Wing Chun) is a Chinese martial art developed, for the self-defense of a young woman, in the 17th century by an abbess from the Shaolin temple named Ng Mui. The martial art was also popularized in the modern era by movie star Bruce Lee, and has recently returned to the spotlight in several Chinese blockbusters featuring his iconic instructor Ip Man.

Why Kung Fu? As a martial art that uses skill to defeat opponents of greater size and athleticism, Ving Tsun Kung Fu is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Ving Tsun develops core muscular strength, improves flexibility, and strengthens the knees, back, and wrists. The addition of kung fu training to your organization's physical culture brings to your members the benefits of a regular workout, as well as the relaxed confidence that comes from effective self-defense ability.

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