DKFA in New York City

In February, Lung Yat Tung, accompanied by two of his students, hit the road to visit New York City for a weekend of kung fu adventure and to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Moy family. 


Following an all night drive and a delicious breakfast at Rabbithole in Bed-Stuy, they met up with other members of the Moy Tung family and paid a visit to Greenpoint Kung Fu, one of our family schools located in Brooklyn for a solid training session with the students of their Saturday class.


Next, they were invited to visit Moy Yee’s school, who is Grandmaster Moy Tung’s Sihing—older kung fu brother. Moy Yee and his students welcomed the travelers into their school, providing their guests with a tour and good conversation over tea.


Come Saturday evening, it was time for the main event, the Moy Family Banquet at Full Kee in Queens Chinatown.


Notable guests:  Grandmaster Moy Tung, Sitai Helen Moy, William Moy, Moy Hop Yee, Moy Don, Wayne Belonoha


Moy Tung, William Moy, Wayne Belonoha and others

Moy Tung, Moy Hop Yee and others

Frankie D (DKFA videographer), Moy Tung, Helen Moy, Wayne Belonoha 

Moy Tung, William Moy and others

Our Close relatives: Nic Bartell (Sifu of Houston school), Dave Bearce (Sifu of Portland Maine school), Ving Tsun Twins (Di-Sihings of the West Palm Beach school)

Nic Bartell and Lung Yat Tung

Wayne Belonoha, Moy Tung, Lung Yat Tung

David Bearce, Lung Yat Tung, Nic Bartell

Ving Tsun Twin and Lawrence ( Sifu of Mich ave, one of Detroit's schools )

On Sunday, Lung Yat Tung and his students went to see the parade and explore many of the local businesses in Manhattan’s Chinatown. They also had an opportunity to catch up with NYC kung fu family over dim sum.

The drive back to Detroit was interesting due to a punishing ice storm. Kung Fu life is strong.