Introductory Ving Tsun Class

A semi-private lesson with a qualified instructor.

Schedule your introductory lesson today! In this hands on lesson you will work one-on-one with a Ving Tsun Kung Fu instructor and will learn the basics of the self-defense system. This will be a physically demanding workout and you should wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Chooe your location:We now offer 3 locations in the Metro Detroit area. You can train downtown at our Eastern Market location. This is our original school and it has been in operation teach premiere martial arts for over a decade. We also have a school in Southfield, MI and on Michigan Ave just outside of Corktown. Between all 3 locations we have a very large training schedule that can accomodate almost every schedule.

Setting up your appointment: Complete our registration form below and then use our appointment scheduler to choose a  location, day, and time for your appointment.

Scheduling fee: $40