Wing Chun Near Me? – Moy Tung Kung Fu School Directory

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Wing Chun Near Me? Do those words sound familiar? We put together this list of Ving Tsun (wing chun) schools in the Moy Tung lineage so that you can finally answer that question. Moy Tung Kung Fu can now be found across the nation. With schools from New York to Texas, many more people now   …Continue Reading

Gift Training Packages

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We have new gift certificates just in time for the holidays! You can now give your family and loved ones the secrets of Kung Fu! We have a 1 month and a 3 month training package of unlimited classes that you can now purchase online and send to anyone you choose. This is a great   …Continue Reading

Fitness Friday – Traditional Forms Exercises

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Focused relaxation and a full body workout. The forms of Ving Tsun train the enitre body. In a self-defense situation you need to be as relaxed and focused as possible and you need to be able to generate power quickly. We use the forms of Ving Tsun to train these concepts into a realised fighting   …Continue Reading


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