Student Reviews

This is a collection of reviews from Yelp from the last few years that were never displayed due to Yelps strict filtering criteria. These are real students talking about their experiences at the Detroit Kung Fu Academy.

Alan H.

This place changed my life. Way beyond 5 stars.

Eh J.

I’ve only been training about 9 months but the curriculum offered here has so many wonderful benefits. I’ve loved every second and I fall in love with the training all over again every time I step inside the building. Not only do you receive physical fitness but mental clarity when approaching general life situations.

The environment provided is perfect for clearing your mind and taking a step outside of the box when you have issues you need to face when stepping back into the real world. When you work on your kung fu you’re not only self checking your form you’re reevaluating yourself and being honest about it.

I recommend training here by all means

Christian F.

Detroit Kung Fu Academy is excellent place to learn traditional Chinese Kung Fu. I am so glad I found it. The format of instruction is very relaxed and allows all students to learn and progress at their own pace, regardless of age, fitness, and previous martial arts experience.

This style of  Kung Fu (Wing Chun or Ving Tsun) is a  no -nonsense street fighting style that really appeals to me. If you are looking for flashy acrobatic kicks and colored belts this isn’t the place, but if you are looking for a hard fighting and authentic martial art, look no further than Detroit Kung Fu Academy.

Something else I really enjoy is that Sifu (teacher) hosts many special workshops throughout the year that focus on certain drills and/or principals in great depth.These all day events are always a lot of fun and not to mention, killer workouts.

I am also really impressed by the general culture of the school, simply put: everyone is cool, instructors and students alike. I can’t wait till the next class!

Louis D.

I’ve been going here for 8 months now, starting as someone with absolutely no experience with not only martial arts, but anything remotely active. It’s helped me get in much better shape while at the same time made me more confident and feel safer living in downtown Detroit due to the quality teaching of Wing Chun.

Everyone who comes here is very friendly and works hard. I did not expect to see myself where I am today; I am very glad I stopped by to check it out.

I strongly recommend coming here to at least try it out if you are at all interested in learning self defense or a martial art. This is the best place to start!

William O.

Detroit Kung Fu is Awesome!  The people there are friendly  and the Sifu/instuctor is well informed, experienced and truly cares about the martial development of his students.   With morning, afternoon and evening training times, reasonable rates and a nation wide network of schools in the family it is simply a great place.  A true gem in of the city.

Mez C.

I’ve trained at the Detroit Kung Fu Academy for more than 7 years. The kung fu is excellent. Sifu Owen Matson is a brilliant teacher who puts heart and soul into making sure that all the students come out as badass fighters. The style of teaching is suited to both complete newcomers to martial arts and people who have some experience.  I’m a small woman, and thanks to the school, I feel empowered and able to defend myself. Not only is the kung fu uniquely suited to women with its focus on relaxation and technique, but the environment itself is very conducive to learning and becoming a competent fighter.
The school itself is beautiful, with lots of open spaces for practice. Classes are medium sized, anywhere from 10 to 30 students at one time. There are quite a few classes offered a week, so a person can get an amazing workout in practically every day.

Sigh B.

I’ve been training here for 14 months and have enjoyed the camaraderie and connections that I’ve made with my fellow students.  I’ve also enjoyed the physical transformations that I’ve experienced.  My posture is improving, my knee and wrists are no longer bothering me as they had prior to beginning my training (they are in fact stronger than they’ve ever been), and I can now throw 5000 punches in a row and hit bags of rocks.  Not too bad for a little over a year of training.

Guy W.

After practicing Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu for years, I found the straightforward approach at this school revealed more about what Kung Fu really is in less than 1 year.