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The System

We transfer real-world fighting ability as quickly as we can by staying true to the centuries-old system created by great Ving Tsun masters.  

The world can be violent, and we offer an elegant solution that can be learned and experienced by anybody.

“Kung fu without a system is not Kung Fu. Kung Fu dependant on a system is not good Kung Fu."

— Grandmaster Moy Yat


The concepts of Ving Tsun as a unique Martial Art are rooted in optimization of the body for self defense fighting. 

The insights that define the art:

  • Efficiency: both of movement and training time so that Ving Tsun fighting skill can be realized quickly.

  • Relaxation: of the body and mind, trained deeply enough to be maintained while facing attacks.

  • Centerline: intent and action focused on the shortest path to safety.

    "Theory teaches practice proves."

    — Grandmaster Moy Tung


Forms Training:

The classical exercises of Chinese Kung Fu, perfected by generations of masters since antiquity. Learned in class, practiced individually, they develop the stance, posture, techniques, and power dynamics of the fighting art.

Partnered Drills:

The Ving Tsun system has a carefully constructed set of collaborative, hands-on exercises in which students are partnered to practice specific techniques with varying intensity and levels of resistance. The drills enable students to condition the body and develop Ving Tsun reflexes, with minimal risk of injury.